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  1. Hello folks, I am looking for some assistance on identifying and locating a classic Cobalt. The boat is a 18′ -19′ produced in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It had a unique 1 piece curved windshield, a foredeck “rumble seat” that flipped over, an interesting center console mounted throttle and shift set up, really nice stainless railings around the bow, and a slightly recessed foredeck with raised sides on the bow. Thanks for any help !! … GB

  2. This is a great site! I have been searching for a cobalt club. I have been a Cobalt owner for two seasons. I own a 2000 Cobalt 253. Keep the website driving forward. How do I become a member?

  3. Nice Website. I have put a link to your site in our company website. CMTBoats is the company that transports most of the Cobalt boats from the factory out to the dealers.

  4. I like the new addition to your website, rss feeds. I added the feeds to all 4 of our websites, http://www.cmtboats.com, http://www.carthagemarinetransport.com, http://www.cmtboattransport.com, and http://www.stopillegaltrucking.com. I am new at the rss feeds so I will be checking frequently to insure they are operating correctly. The Stop Illegal Trucking is our newest website and we are trying to provide assistance to the public, truck operators, and authorities about the illegal trucking scams that are prevalent on the internet. We have seen a few Cobalts being shipped by illegal transporters, but have not been able to prevent it. Most of the sites have no way to contact the shipper to let them know of a proble. Hopefully, none of them fall prey to this. I would like to help get the word out that if an illegal shipment is caught, the boat could be confiscated by the authorities and the cost to get it back could be large and time consuming. This is an uphill battle, but we are trying to make a difference in this area.

  5. I have a 1984 Cobalt CM23 for sale. Will let it go at a bargain price. $2,000. Runs great, does need new seats, cutty in great shape, tandem trailor has surge breaks w/ new tires (less than 20 miles on tires). I’m located in Atlanta, GA metro area. Breaks my heart to let her go. šŸ™ THIS BOAT HAS BEEN SOLD!

  6. Does anyone have any first hand information about a Cobalt 203CS. They are a direct-drive tournament style ski boat built in the late 1990’s. I am looking for anyone who has had experience with this boat…and anyone who might have one for sale. I’m located near Buffalo NY.

    Any information is welcome.


  7. Iā€™m looking for a 21CC Classic. If anyone has one, or knows of someone with one, or locates one that is good condition and is for sale or would be willing to sell, I am interested. I very much prefer the classic hull style and am interested in the cuddy upgrade from my 19CD, closed deck.
    Of course shipping is a major issue as I am in the PNW, so finding one in S. Florida would be prohibitive unless the condition is pristine and the price negligible.


    • It looks like you were searching back in the summer, so it may be too late. I have a 21′ 1989 Cobalt CC (two tone blue). I live in Seattle. Boat is in the NW and is in great condition. Let me know if you are still looking.

      Thanks, Ryan

      • Hi Ryan,
        Still sort of looking. I kinda have my mind set on a 1987 23′ Condesa in Michigan right now, but if you have some pics and a great sales pitch I might change my mind, especially since Seattle is a LOT closer than Michigan. Got my other Cobalt, a a ’78 19CD out of Seattle 2 years ago.

    • James:

      Thanks for your response. It was very stange that I happened on your post. Given the time gap, I figured I might not hear back.

      Unfortunately, I am out of town right now and I do not have any photos on my work computer. All I can tell you is that the engine is in great shape. It has always been in the same family. I bought it from my dad about 5 years ago. It has low hours. I think under 600, but I have not checked it in a while. (I was not going to worry about selling it until next summer, until I happened on your post.) It is in what I would consider pretty good shape for a 20 year old boat, although I have to say that is a little difficult to determine, as I have not been on too many 20 year old boats.

      No real sales pitch. If that is the boat that you want then I would go for it. If you are still thinking about a 21CC Classic, you may want to take a look at it. Let’s face it, it costs a lot of money to ship a boat.

      Let me know if you are interested. I will be back in town next week. If you could let me know either way, it would be appreciated. I am probably going to make arrangements to put it up, if you are not interested.

      Thanks for your interest.


    • James:

      I was able to have someone e-mail me some pictures of the boat. Let me know if there is an e-mail address I can send them to.

      Thanks, Ryan

  8. I need a full set of upholstery for a 1998 190BR. Cobalt no longer offers it for this vintage. Does anyone have an aftermarket source for finished upholstery?

  9. Want to purchase 272— Cobalt– 272 (’94-2000 model only)

    Call or email me (713) 529-8681

    • Hello,

      I have a 1994 Cobalt 272. It is in great condition. I bought it earlier this summer from a friend and know that it has been babied. After I bought it I realized that I was getting very close to being over my head in what I could afford. I have been teetering on whether or not I want to sell it or just suck it up and make some other cost cuts. However if I got the right price I would be glad to let it go and get something smaller and fitting my budget.

      The boat is White with a Navy Blue “Stripe”, not really a stripe but for lack of a better word. If you are wanting this boat you know what I am talking about. The swim platform works great. Upolstry has some nicks in high tension areas (expected). The guages are all new as of 2007. Because they are new it only shows 45 hours but I assure you the actual hours are more around the 375 range. It has an upgraded 7 speaker stereo system. All lights, horns, moving parts work with the exception of the windshield wiper (which has been removed). The engine cover is hydraulic and works as well(getting weak might cylinder might need replacing). Has the 7.4L with Volvo Penta outdrive and stainless steel props.

      I also have a dual axel trailer that was bought in 2005. I can get more info if you would like info on that as well.

      I am asking $22,000 for the boat but would be willing to listen to another offer.

      I think I covered the basics. Let me know if you would like to see pictures or have any questions.

  10. hi everyone have a 1971 18 trihull ,open bow ,190 hp merc cruiser out drive , 185 hrs on hour meter,nice shape, brand new upholstery , oringal color, kevin spangler redding ca 530-710-2562,530-519-1220

  11. I am looking for a extended swim platform for my 2001, 232 Cobalt. Dealer wants over $2,000.00 and I can’t pay that. Help, Help, Help.
    Call me 502-930-1516

  12. Anyone interested in an old 1974 18′ Deep V Tri-Haul Cobalt w/165 MerCruise In/Out engine to restore or for parts please contact…..

  13. I have a 1988 23′ condessa cuddy cabin. Has 202 hours on the meter. I bought it last year and after pondering on it..I have Motorcycle, atv’s, etc…too many toys…Might not have time for this boat. I am in Kentucky….It is on good condition. I bought it last winter, havn’t had it in the water “YET” I did start it when I bought it out of water. It runs out good. I just licensed and stickered it today..So I have every intention of putting into Norris resevoir if I don’t sell it. Any offers though? If I get the right offer it can be yours. It is brown striped…Has alot of stainless. Nice boat. any interest email me @ trucker41957@windstream.net. Thx Happy riding.
    Anyone near Tenn on Norris res. shoot me a message…I don’t know alot about these boats.Just know there is alot of good talk about them. Im looking forward to dropping this one in the lake.

  14. I am looking for a low hours 227 cuddy to purchase. contact me if you have one or know someone ready to sell. I live in the NW. Washington State.

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  16. how much should I have paid for my 84 condessa in fair cond. and runs good with a trailer and dose anyone have any spare parts

  17. Hi again, I put my 1988 23″ Condessa in the water a month ago…..Haven’t ridden it but one time…..It runs great and looks good too. I have still got a strong interest in selling it if anyone around Ky, Tenn, or even farther if your willling to drive to get it, is interested in buying it. I am looking at a price range close to $6000. It has 202 hours on the 454 big block with bravo outdrive. The boat is all original and in nice condition. I hate to see it go but I have tooo many toys and not enough time….Come ride all ya want before ya buy. I have no problems at all with that. Any interest call 606-599-0051 ask for Danny or send email to trucker41957@windstream.net. Thx again.

  18. Anyone know where I can find a list or spreadsheet with the specs and years of production for all Cobalt models with a centerline of 24′ and under for the last ten or so years? I am having trouble keeping all of the used Cobalts on the market straight. TIA

  19. I have a 2000 223. I am looking for a extended swim platform. Cobalt only, I’m not very interested in the unit from Swim Platforms.

  20. 1996 Cobalt 25′ ft 253 Cuddy Cabin . $17500 OBO (Syracuse, NY) This has the 7.4L
    454 V8 engine. 330HP, along with a Bravo 3 outdrive. Cruisingspeed is around 38
    MPH with a top speed near 53 MPH. 609 hours on the engine. This is a big boat
    (8’6″ Beam) that rides deep in the water for an incredible ride.

    I am going to have to move out of state for work and will no longer be on the
    water so I am motivated to sell. This boat has always been in fresh water with
    most of its life on Lake Ontario. This is the second season it has been on
    Oneida Lake. It got a brand new Bravo 3 outdrive last season that is still under
    warranty until late August. The work was done at Fremac marine in Lakeport, NY.
    It also got new bellows, gimble bearings and boots from J&S marine this season.
    So all of the expensive maintenance and repair work is all taken care of and now
    it is ready for a new owner to enjoy it.

    The boat has the rosewood dashboard, power engine compartment, front docking
    lights, bimini top, camping top, pump-out port-a-potty, electric trim tabs,
    stainless tow/tubing ring, side coolers, stereo with CD player, and a ship to
    shore radio.

    It comes with a 1996 Shorelander trailer that has very little use. The boat is in the
    water at the Marina so it mainly just holds the boat in the winter.

    I also have an extra set of Stainless Steel Props for an additional $500

    Call or email Brian

  21. I have a 1984 cobalt condesa in nice shape needs motor call me terry 1516-250-0569 $2500 takes it

    • I have a 1990 Cobalt Classic Bowrider 210. I am the 2nd owner. When I bought it 7 years ago. When I bought it, it was in amazing condition as it was always stored inside and dry. I keep it at my dock, so there are some deteriorations, such as the back bench seat starting to crack. But overall, it’s in really good condition. I’m in NC. (704) 607-4669.

  22. i just bought a 1990 cobalt cc(classic) with a 5.7 mercruiser,it was a lake tahoe cruiser thats been upgraded to saltwater fishing,can anyone tell me if there r cabin lights and cushion upgrades that i can purchase to make the cabin a todays luxury spot? ill take any facts about this boat or little known facts because its my first rodeo..period!! dealing with a boat.

  23. I’m in the market for a used Cobalt 25.0 located ideally in the Southeast (but I’ll travel to go get the right boat!!). Question I have for the forum is this – does anyone know the discernible performance differences between the 81. GI and the 8.1 GXi big block 8 cylinder engines? If so, can you share? I know the specs indicate 375hp vs 420hp but if anyone has any “practical” experience as to what that actually means, I would appreciate it. DJC P.S. look forward to joing this forum as an “owner” soon!!

    • I just posted a 253 1996 with 420HP and 1300 hrs….real clean, located in Winston-Salem NC with closed water system, multiport fuel injection and captains call.

  24. Looking to sell a 2000 Cobalt 293, twin volvo 5.7 engines, 270 hours – excellent condition. $45,500. Hamitlon, ON area.

  25. I have an 89 Cobalt 21 CC Looking for an ‘L’ to replace the missing original one The metal letters that spell COBALT. Thanks, Mark

  26. I am in need of a trailer for a Cobalt 2000 292, are there any for sale? Thank you!!!
    joy williams

  27. Looking for a boat cover for my 2007 Cobalt 232. Preference is for sandstone colour and Sunbrella material.

  28. I have a 1972 Cobalt Tri-hull with nice trailer. Seats are like new. Hull could use gelcoating. Is anyone interested in buying it? How much?

  29. How about removing all the SPAM BS that was left on 23 Condesa page. Spam selling watches and dresses and other BS. Couldn’t find any other place to REPORT.

  30. I just got a 1992 Cobalt 22T which is in great shape except it won’t plane out. Not sure if its a spun hub or the wrong prop. The owners manual specifies a Quick Silver Mirage Stainless prop as 4813704 A40 23C, 14 5/8 diameter. The prop on it is very similar except it is a 4813704 A41 23P. Can’t seem to find information on the prop that is on it versus the one the manual says it needs. Anyone have this problem or point me in the right direction? Thanks. Sam

  31. I am getting ready to sell my 1980 Cobalt Serial # FGE8V147M80H. It’s on a new all Aluminum tandem McClain Trailer. I don’t have a clue what it’s worth. I’ve got over $20,000 in it but yes I know it’s a boat. It’s been completely redone. New 350 merc, new out dr. upper and lower, new appolstry ,new tops. 100% custom station wagon top w/large zip out windows, $3000 stereo. Many extras, have all original parts. I’m just getting too old. E-mail me galloway@sbcglobal.net and I will send u pics. Iive on lake Sam Rayburn in Deep East Texas

    • Every post on the site has the post date on the upper right hand corner, which is the date the boat was listed for sale on the site.

  32. New member here so forgive me if this question has already been asked. I have a 1998 Cobalt 220 and I want to add a swim deck on the back. I would appreciate any suggestion you might have.

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