Cobalt 343 in The Dry Tortugas

This Cobalt 343 boat owner really knows how to have fun.  The video speaks for itself.

For those of you not familiar with the Dry Tortugas, it is an old U.S. fort built in the mid-1800’s and now a national park.  Abandoned before construction completed, the fort was then used as a prison.  It is the largest brick structure in the Northern Hemisphere with more than 16 million bricks. 


The water is absolutely prestine, with some of the best snorkling in North America.  Take your gear and camera.  Lots of wildlife to take pictures of while you are there.


From Naples, FL, you must travel roughly 120 miles to Key West for fuel, it’s almost directly South.  It is recommended you then leave the next morning for the Dry Tortugas, staying as many days as you want but watch the weather and take enough supplies.  You can’t buy gas or provisions anywhere between Key West and the Dry Tortugas.  The crossing back to Key West is 70 miles, you wanna make sure you have plenty of gas.  Did I say that you should have enough gas?


There are plenty of places to stay in Key West including condos and hotels with dock space.  Or you can moore at the famed Conch Harbor and stay on your boat.  Any way you go, there’s lots of fun to be had in Key West (aka Conch Republic).

If you love this boat, go pick out one at Cobalt Boats or visit Naples Boat Mart and tell them Land Yo sent ya!


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