Otis on His Cobalt 242

Our red 240 is a boat we first found on your site for sale. In fact, I think you still have it posted. I drove 1k miles (to Missouri…….knowing that it probably wasn’t ever used in salt water) 1 week prior to Memorial Day weekend and bought the boat. It’s my first Cobalt but probably my 6th boat. I still own a Donzi which hasn’t moved since we bought the Cobalt.

I’ll continue to steer anybody toward your site that shows an interest in Cobalt. We always get compliments on our boat and the first thing I mention is mycobalt.net.

I’ll send a few more pics from the trip: 1 of our raft-up and 3 of my Black Lab (Otis…..sporting his new matching life vest) enjoying the swim platform.

Most of those photos were taken with a Nikon D90 and if you’re interested I’ll continue to send photos of any Cobalts I run across. You may need to wait until the Spring though.

Thanks again! Mycobalt.net is a GREAT site and is bookmarked as one of my favorites! I’ll steer anybody I can toward the site.

Mark & Pam (and Otis)

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