New Owner of a 1998 Cobalt 190

I am a proud owner of a slightly used 1998 190 with 85hrs!

I can remember my dad lamenting about how great Cobalt boats were. We never had the opportunity to own one when I was growing up.

When my wife and I started looking for a starter family boat, Cobalt was first on the list. Last summer (2007) we looked all over for the right used boat – low hrs and right price. We live in Michigan, so looked in MI, WI, OH, IN, IL. Nothing was coming up. Found a few in TX and FL. In late July, I found a posting for a 190 in Michigan. Low hours, right price, we called the seller immediately. Got the scoop on the boat; 5.0L with 70hrs, garage kept, and very little usage in the last five years.

Discussed how/where/when to see the boat. Seller says he lives in the same town we live in! Come to find out he is literally across the street from us in the next subdivision over, less than a mile away! Beautiful boat, everything he said it was. Took it out for a test drive and I was amazed at the smoothness and ride. We negotiated a deal and a week later it was in my garage! Talk about meant to be.

Looking forward to many years as a Cobalter.

Jeff DuClos

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