Just Purchased: Cobalt 232



We just bought our first boat… a beautiful Cobalt 232.  We have only been in it long enough to test drive it with the dealer, Lake Cumberland Marine in Somerset Kentucky.  We are extremely excited to get it on the water.  I had no idea when I started researching boats that I would end up with a Cobalt.  Those are boats that only the rich and famous folks can afford, right?  Well, let me say that through all the hours and hours of research, I had made up my mind on another brand, 24 footer. 



However, one Saturday I happened to visit LCM and stepped into this 232 in the show room.  From the first step, I could literally feel the difference in quality and workmanship.  I was sold on the fact that these are the best built boats in the world. 



Now, the price… When I laid out the two brands, option for option, there was only about $10-12K difference.  Then I started looking at resale values of 5-10 year old boats.  I then realized that the extra money up-front would easily be returned at trade or sale.  There is no better value out there, as far as I’m concerned.



The only nervousness that I have now is with fuel prices.  This boat was equipped with a Merc 496 Mag, 375hp.  Now, I’ve been told that this engine is a relatively fuel efficient power package.  I would love to hear feedback from some folks that have experience with this engine.



Rodney, Kim, Sydney and Madison Wilson


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